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Written by Edna Davidsen ∴ Friday, May 5, 2017, updated February 6, 2018

The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader

The other day I saw a story on a Christian forum. It’s about an inexperienced youth minister in London. He seeks advice.

The Untrained Youth Minister in London

Here’s his question:

I've just been appointed a Youth Minister. What are some tips for the position?

His group has had several ministers. They all had difficulties serving. The untried minister says:

“The difference between them and me is that I am a lot younger than them - practically the same age as the people in the youth group and I've seen these different youth ministers come and go.”

The group size indicates improvement possibilities. He says:

“My youth group consists of around 20 people. We're based in an urban, high crime rate area in London. I'm excited but at the same time a little nervous as it's a huge responsibility - probably the biggest that I've ever been asked to take on.”

It is a BIG responsibility. Being nervous is natural.

The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader.
Become a better Christian Youth Leader with this program.

I know a Youth Minister Solution

I believe this new Christian leader can do it. He needs the right tools. I know where they are. After I had read the story, I thought: “I’ll write a blog post with the Christian shepherd solution.” The man from this story shares his worries and nervosity with numberless Christian leaders. I help with a solution. I believe the product I recommend can help church leaders: • Grow church group • Prepare relevant congregation activities • Lead with confidence If this minister and like-minded people knew:

they could find the answers themselves. A few historical changes before the product details. A Christian leader needs to switch perspective from himself to the future generations eyes.He can ask:

What’s the role of the Youth in Today's Church?

The youngster identity changes with light-speed today. What’s in today is out tomorrow. The most constant factor today is change. How do Christian leaders operate with change as the only constant factor? Before Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Samsung and Apple changes were minimal compared to what the teenagers experience today.21st century Christians come into our Churches with a technological mindset. Christian leaders have always taken on an immense responsibility, but the scene has changed.

Present-Day Church-Reality

Modern Christianity practices involve more than scriptures and worship songs. Christian practices for everyday life needs adaption to modern habits. Those leaders who know how to bring their community through this transition thrive. They find the link. They bound with the church members. They build modern study groups. But what about those who struggle? With The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader (Shortened: TURFTYL) product, they too find the missing linkIt’ll enable these church leaders to inspire and stay fresh aligned with the twenty- first-century church-reality.

No More Guesswork What Bible Lessons to Use

No more guessing what Bible lessons and activities are best. TURFTYL offers an already proven solution. Growing a 20-persons community to hundred or more is possibleThe first condition is the initial members experience a meaningful context. The congregation should help. The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader will help leaders figuring out how to attract youth to church. Successful church youth programs meet teenagers needs. The boy raised with a criminal father find it relevant. It becomes the girl with an alcoholic mother. Up to date youth programs help under all circumstances.

Why these Contemporary Christian Youth Issues?

The flat screen, the PC and the PowerPoint changed the church. The times are gone where a movie was a special activity. Christian culture is more open now than twenty years ago. Christian youth follow each other's Snapchat-, Facebook- and Twitter-life. All happens in a flash. The au pairs send Tweets and Snapchats when they’re homesick. Pen, paper, letters and stamps are needless. The news discusses letters when post offices complain about how few letters people send these days. Pastors today lead an impatience generation because media adores immediate fulfilment. The London minister needs to wrap his messages the right way to catch the 13+ boy and girl on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and WhatsApp. It’s this differences between the contemporary and old context TURFTYL captures. The church may look the same today as before. Beautiful painted, organised kitchen, same dishes as three years ago. But the minds change at a speed never seen before.

Communicate better with The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader

Equipped with relevant Christian educational presentation, blog posts, flyers, posters and how-to-do guides the leader manage to inspire and support his community, despite the changes. He bridges the gap between the letter/phonecall-generations and the WhatsApp-generation. The leader has learned to communicate short, clear messages to the group from The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader program. But it’s a message about eternity, framed for the short-text-generation. The teenagers expect an answer within minutes, which pressures church leaders. In blog post number 01 I wrote much more about how to connect with modern people and share the Gospel.

Interesting Topics for Youth Ministry

Church leadership involves debate with relevant youth themes. The 13+ see it as number one value to express their feelings 🙂 😕 :-/, their opinions, their identity. With proper debate techniques, the church members are equipped to participate at school expressing their true Christian identity. They can talk about topics such as: • Life after death • Big bang theory • The resurrectionand they’ll be respected. They’ve learned to listen to the counterpart and bring forth their best arguments before they share their own Bible-based opinion.With TURFTYL program the London minister can prepare his members to discuss topics with believers and non-believers. In blog post number 02 I wrote about a book who will go well along with this product. It teaches Christians to participate discussion with non-believers.Here are some themes and techniques from the package:• Godly conversation starters • Bible discussion starters • What’s charity and how to practice it? • Beginning in class/college • Social media from a Biblical perspective • Why being a teenage Christian is hard

Get help to become a efficient Christian Youth leader Today!
Get help to become a efficient Christian Youth leader Today!

What’s Included?

1. Christian powerpoint slides 2. Bible verse wallpaper for desktop and mobile or print 3. Blog access to Christian youth topics lessons 4. Youth group discussion topics and activities 5. Sunday school programs ideas 6. Youth Bible lessons and activities

1. The Christian Powerpoint Slides

The London minister gets up to date slides about all the HOT topics discussed among Christians in London, New York, Paris or Berlin. The presentations are stored as PDF and PPTX. It’s convenient for handouts or flyers. The PowerPoint-form keeps the study lessons versatile and flowing. If the youth minister wants, he can modify the presentations as he prefers.

Ten reasons why Churches use PowerPoint:

1. It’s a form used overall 2. It’s easy to use 3. All it takes is a computer to watch the presentation 4. Best sharing ideas medium 5. Perfect for multimedia integration (Photographs, video, charts, etc.) 6. Big letters = easy to see 7. Good for remembering 8. Implementing visuals 9. Stores the collective Church leadership knowledge 10. Easy to divide into modules

Powerpoint is the most flexible presentation form.

Most congregations use it today.


In the Member Area, the subscriber gets Christian wallpapers. Some come with Bible verses. Others with beautiful motives that create a relaxed peaceful and safe atmosphere. Youth groups love to decorate their churches with these wallpaper. The wallpapers are already sorted. An elegant and exciting environment can be established with little effort. The different wallpaper patterns are inexpensive decorating possibilities. The 13+ group can preserve their financial resources for other activities because once the minister is a TURFTYL member, the wallpapers are free. The wallpapers also fit Bible camping. The congregation can style the Bible camp, so it looks appealing, bringing the theme to a higher level.

The Membership Blog

The blog posts contain Ideas on activities for church youth fellowship. The minister will also find blog posts about Bible advice to the teenager, how-to-do lists and handouts. A blog is the best format for this material. It’s better than ebooks because it’s a more flexible format. It’s also easier to establish a community around the blog that connects the content-owner with the users. The content on The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader blog is training content.

Teen Bible Lessons

Every week two Bible lessons are added. The lessons link a Bible verse to relevant topicsThe website owners keep the lesson to the point. It is possible to edit and tailor the lessons.

Two Versions

Every lesson comes as a teacher- and a student version. With the lesson comes a PowerPoint presentation. This is a relatively recent feature. Most churches today have a computer so PowerPoint YouTube etc., is possible. The PowerPoint is a supplement though. The lessons work fine without PowerPoint. When the shepherd is a member, he has access to the lesson archive. Chances are high; he will always find relevant Bible lessons. With archive-access it’s possible to set up powerful Bible study curriculum in a blink of an eye. He can leverage his Wednesday night Bible lessons just by taking a systematic approach already given to him. Once he has seen the material work, it easy to tailor it into Sunday school lessons.

Classroom Materials

The leader will also find Christian school resources. Among other forms, he will find ready-to-use PDF’s for: • Appreciation Certificate• Contact details • Trip permission • Self-evaluation • Attendance record

Discussion Starters

The discussion starters are PDF’s with small relevant stories. They’re effective activation-tools. When the members read the stories, they begin to talk about what they would doThe Christian children and teenagers stories are wonderful icebreakers.

Who will The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader help?

The Ultimate Resource for the Youth Leader will assist you whether you’re a parent, a youth pastor or a church assistant. You’ll get helpful resources that apply to church or for your family devotional activities at home.

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  1. Dang girl! You are full of helpful resources. Very impressed with everything you are doing to equip our leaders to teach others better. I like the case study you did with this pastor. It really showed the usefulness of the resource.

  2. Great resources for youth leaders! Personally, I am a Mac user and I use Keynote for my presentations. It’s basically the same thing as PowerPoint. But yeah, this day and age of constant change is tough. It’s a good thing to know the One who never changes! Blessings.

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