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Take the leap of faith and see yourself in God's light.

Written by Edna Davidsen ∴ Friday, March 3, 2017, updated February 6, 2018

The purpose of today's blog post is to inspire you to take the leap of faith and see yourself in God's light.God says: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 (NIV)Let's take a story. A story of a woman with a fantastic life because she chose 'have it to the full' just as God wants.

Helen Keller: Blind and Deaf

Helen Keller was blind and deaf as a child. Some say she was born blind; some say she could see until she was one. Christians read the story of Helen Keller with interest because of what she said about God.She fought to learned language even if she was blind and deaf. The incredible part comes here:

When she was taught about God through language, she said she already knew Him.

People with positive perspective.
Seeking inspiration from the right people is important.

God had been with her all the time. Also when it was dark and quiet.How could she know God before anybody had told her about Him?Just as God was with Helen Keller, He's also with you now. He wants you to have a life you love, (“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”)Helen Keller experienced life from a different perspective. God used her for beautiful things. Most of her life she gave speeches and lectures. Today, her childhood home is a museum.Her story is a story about perspective.

Joni Eareckson Tada: Disabled

The story of Joni Eareckson Tada, founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center is another example of how to change perspective. Joni Eareckson Tada had a diving accident in 1967. After the accident, she needed a special wheelchair. What did she do? She embraced the new situation. She chose positive above negative. Read her book one day, it’s called Joni, or watch the movie.Helen and Joni could both have given up. They could have blamed God. They could have said life is unfair. They were both tuned to the positive channel. God's channel. God uses their story to lift up and inspire thousands of people today. God wants you to have it to the full, to love your life. When you love your life, you have the energy to help others.

Take Away:

The way you react matters. You have a choice under all circumstances. God wants you to live a life you love.


When you see life from a positive perspective, you'll see solutions instead of problems.

My story: From Filipino Worker to Christian Entrepreneur

You know, I’m a Christian entrepreneur today. I have been a Christian all my life. But I needed a new perspective to become an entrepreneur.Can you imagine the change in perspective?From Philippine employee to Christian entrepreneur.After I had finished Philippine College of Arts and Technology, I went abroad. First to Taiwan where I worked two years at a factory with electronics. Later I went to Brunei, where I worked at a Seafood restaurant. In Qatar, I worked in a bakery, before I came to Greenland.

I’ve Travelled 15 Years

I'll let you know what overshadowed my life for those 15 years: Where can you get a job? What are you paid?The interesting part is this. If someone had told me, I would become an online entrepreneur for Jesus one day; I would be unable to see it. During these years while I was traveling as an overseas Philippine worker, my perspective would have hindered me believe it. Today, I feel blessed because God put me in front of the right people, under the right circumstances at the right time, so I could get my perspective right.Anything is possible if you have hope. Trust God and be willing to take action. Perhaps your dream is to write one of the best Christian books of all times. Maybe you dream becoming one of the top Christian authors like Beth More with 749K followers on Twitter. You have a great God. It's OK to think big.

Take Away:

If you want to change the life, you need to change perspective. You refuse to be a ‘somebody’ - a victim of the circumstances.


By changing the perspective, you respect and honor God. You believe he created you for a reason. He will show you how to have life, and have it to the full.

The Stories of Janet and Diana

Janet from Colorado tells her story how God helped her when her car broke down. She had just got a new job at a Christian Ad Agency across town. But the car had problems starting. Calling an emergency service was impossible. Janet had just established a home in the new city.Janet says: “No matter how many times I tried to get the engine to turn over nothing happened.”She sat in the car and said: "I'm your Christian, this is your car, and it's your job. If you want your Christian to drive your car to your job, please start the vehicle.”And then: “I put the key in the ignition and turned it, and the car started right away…”Diana tells a similar story about how she found a new church to attend. Diana's problem was, she had left a church because of its cult-like beliefs. She felt an enormous relief the day she turned away from the old church.Here is what she said to God: “...I told God, out loud, I could not return to that church. I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders that I did not know was there.”Five months later Diana experienced something incredible happened while she drove between her patient’s houses as a health therapist.“I was driving between my patient's houses as a home health therapist. All of a sudden, during a lull in my talking, I heard this voice in my head say, "go to that church on Russell Rd, off 95".”She remembered she looked toward the sky and said: “that big church?” and she heard the the voice again: “That big church."Next Sunday Diana went to the church she had seen while she drove.Here’s how she felt that Sunday: “A place was found for me to sit. When I sat down, I had the most incredible feeling of coming home.”God has various ways to communicate with his children.

New Christian Author?

UNESCO monitors the number and type of books published per year worldwide. In 2013, United States published 304.912 titles. That’s 835 books per day. If 1% of these books are from Christian authors, it’s 8 books per day.Jessica Tendayi is one Christian author who published a book in 2016. She has an attractive website, Twitter and a Facebook page. Here’s what she says about here situation:“I am looking for inexpensive help to market my just now published novel - LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING. I already have a website, Twitter, a blog and a facebook page....but not many followers. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas?”Other Christian authors share this challenge, therefore it’s relevant to bring up.It’s great to see new Christian authors like Jessica Tendayi write books. They’re needed and do an important job. It takes courage to publish a book.

Author + Marketer

If you're a Christian author like Jessica Tendayi, you'll improve your exposure and sales if you add a dimension to your perspective.Think of yourself as an author AND a marketer. If it’s the first time you do so, it’ll change you role as author.If you're new to the marketing part, here's what could help you:


• Interact open-minded with other readers and writers on social platforms and forums. • Change perspective and ask: “What would I like to hear from the author, if I was the reader?” • See your book project from 'the reader's shoes.'• Marketing your book the day you get the idea to write it. • Use long-term planning to organize promotional book tours to Christian bookstores.• Believe your book is important.• Believe your book helps people.


• Try to sell your book on social media.• Forget to interact with readers and other writers.• Wait marketing your book untill it's published.• Stick to one markething channel.

Positive Perspective at Work

The Christian podcaster Jon Fuller has a done great episode about ‘doing what we are meant to do.’ It’s called ‘Walking in Your Purpose’.At the time Jon Fuller launched the 'Are You Real' podcast, he had searched for years for other people's platforms to be on. But it was tough to find any suitable platforms. At the same time he saw a lot of talent, that could be utilized in the church, he belonged. Instead of complaining about the absence of a suitable Christian podcast, he went out and created it. He thought:

“Why not be that person for people? Why not be that platform for people? Where they could come on. and thousands of people could hear what they were doing, whether they were small ministries or big ministries.“

Jon Fuller tells a great story how he changed perspective at work. This was a hard time in Jon Fuller's life for two reasons. First, he had as a matter of fact lost a million dollar company overnight. He went from high salary to broke. He worked for a boss, who treated him bad.The whole situations was problematic.After a period, Jon Fuller talks to a mentor about his situation. The mentor recommends him to read Honor's Reward by John Bevere.Jon Fuller said: “Okay, I got heart issues, I’m all for it, and I’ll read it.” The book's message was just honoring people, above all your boss, your friends and so forth.After reading the book Jon Fuller went back to work and said to himself: “No matter how I get treated. No matter how I get talked to or belittled, or whatever happens, I’m going to honor this man because he’s my boss. Not because I agree with him. Not because of anything else besides the fact that God has placed him over me. Because he is my boss.”No matter how hard it was, Jon Fuller had decided just to speak good about his boss.

Here’s What Happened

The moment Jon Fuller decided to go through this change of perspective, the atmosphere at work got much better. He got treated much better because he was putting out a different energy. He saw the situation from a different perspective. As Jon Fuller says: “That was a huge aha moment for me.”I encourage you to listen to Jon Fuller's podcast. It's great.

The Sign: Jesus is Lord - The Bible

Sunday, May 18, 2008, two Christian pilots Grant Stubbs and Owen Wilson from New Zealand ran out of fuel with their small airplane.They survived the critical situation. Here’s their stunning story...In an interview, after the accident Grant Stubbs said: “My friend and I are both Christians so our immediate reaction in a life-threatening situation was to ask for God's help.”They took the time to pray, even though they at most had seconds to decide what to do.Grant Stubbs prayed they could get over the next top of a ridge and find a flat landing site. The other pilot Owen Wilson said: “We would have been in deep trouble if the fuel had run out five minutes earlier.”The two pilots got an instantaneous answer to their prayer as they crossed the ridge. “Right behind the ridge … there was an airfield — I didn't know it existed till then.” said Owen Wilson.But the story gets better…After the two pilots glided the powerless craft to landing on the flat landing site, they noticed a 20-foot-tall sign that read, ‘Jesus is Lord — The Bible.’

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  1. Oh! I really liked this! In all circumstances we should give thanks and a perspective of gratitude allows me to be a positive Christian influence. Thank you for all the encouraging stories

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