Editing and Proofreading for Christian writers!

Goal: Add value to your text for Christians!

"To write is human, to edit is divine." Stephen King

I’ll edit and proofread your document so you deliver content to your Christian audience that truly helps them.I’ll inspect your text using industry-standard - but I also use my flair for texts, it adds value to your content.I’ll read your document word-for-word. You'll be satisfied!I have the time to give your text for Christians the care it needs and deserves.When I'm finished with the job, I’ll send two files:1. A document with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.2. A document ready-to-use.I deliver within twenty-four hours!If not, I'll do it for free, and you get your payment back.

Editing and proofreading for Christian blogger, authors!
Editing and proofreading is part of what I do for Christians in online Business.

Here's how you do, if you want to use my service:1.

2. Send your material to the e-mail below with a note which of these two options you prefer: American English or British English.