Bible Verses about Worry

People with depression worried 310 minutes per day. It's human to worry.

Written by Edna Davidsen ∴ Monday, March 27, 2017, updated February 6, 2018

Why Worry?

It surprised me when I read a statement by Karen Swartz, M.D., the Director of Clinical Programs at the Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Center. She said:• People without General Anxiety Disorder worried 55 minutes per day. • People with depression worried 310 minutes per day. We worry about health. We worry about the future, the kids future. We find so many aspects we can be worried about. But should we? Are Christians allowed worry?We see so many bible verses about worry. In Philippians 4:6 we read: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (NIV) What is it to be anxious? Google defines the word 'anxious':Feeling or showing worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcomeGod has a plan for us. For Him, 'uncertain outcome.' is impossible. Let's see the 'uncertain outcome' as a part of God's plan. we know, it's difficult to have faith sometimes. • We get anxious. • We worry. • We do the opposite of what the Bible says.It's human to worry. The do-not-worry-Bible verse are part of the Bible for a reason. God knows we have this tendency. The Bible verses are reminders. Whitney Hopler outlines 13 practical steps on How to Stop Worrying in her formidable blog post.

It's natural to worry, that's why there are so many bible verses about worry.
It's natural to worry, that's why there are so many bible verses about it.

Do we Worry Today?

Every year PwC in the United States publish a survey about the financial well-being of people at work. I read the survey from 2016 with interest. 1600 full-time employed adults participated. • 52% the employee said they were stressed about their finances. • They worried about their financial future. Furthermore, they felt financial worries nagged them most. The worries lead to negative consequences for their health, relationships at home, productivity at work and their attendance at work. Financial worries effects all important areas of life. I am 100% next to another Christian blogger, Josh Wiley on this matter when he says "Worry is one of the areas of my Christian Walk that I struggle continuously with." I guess we can relate to this topic.

Can we Help?

Can we help these people who worry? What should we do? What can we do? Is it at any help for them to say the Bible commands us to show courage instead of fear? Bible verses about anxiety sometimes relieve the uncertainty. We need to treat the cause of the worries as well. The best weapons to fight fear and anxiety is to take action. We take action with God's support. Read How to Stop Worrying from as a start. For people at the age of 40 and above, chances are, their parents have talked little about money at home. Nobody to blame. Times are different now.To change our lives, we need to face reality. In Christian communities today, money is still a taboo. As Pam Durso a Baptist pastor says "I think lots of us Baptists are plagued by that same problem. We don’t talk about money in the church." Some, see it as a dirty topic, as the root of all evil. The majority of the 52% have a college background because they were told by their parents, go to school and college so they could get a good permanent job. Now, they have the job, maybe even a big paycheck, but they worry. They worry about money. Why? They have done their best to plan for a secure future. None of them have prepared to live with these worries. Christians need to question the whole situation here. . . It's time for a change. In our churches, we need to study the topic of money so we can teach our children how to navigate.Our children should have the best conditions and knowledge. Jesus wants us to understand the function of money.The Parable of the Bags of Gold in Matthew 25:14-28 illustrates how we should handle money. The passivity of the person without money-knowledge in this Parable of the Bags of Gold had fatal consequences. He lost his job. Other persons in the firm did a better job. His job went to the financially educated. If he had known how to handle money, he would be free from problems. We can be the parents who teach our children how to live a life with fewer challenges and lesser economic problems.

Learn how Money Works

The first action we need to take, is realize the rules for a secure life have changed the last 20 years. Let's park all our automated answers and myths about money, we have learned earlier. Josh Christophersen says it best in 20 Myths Christian Believe About Money. They cause us to be passive observers, rather than active participants. Let's keep it simple.Bible verses for anxiety encourage us to fight it. We can live a life without anxiety and financial worries.Life is a gift from God. He wants us to live a good, fearless and joyful life. I love the way Pastor Jim Johnston writes about this in Why Are So Many Christians Unhappy? The blog post contains explanations and examples of what hinders us to live the happy life God framed for us. We can be Christians and at the same time be passionate about business, how money works, how we can get more money, so we can help people to pursue better life conditions. Some Christians will tell us we have lost focus. I have another opinion. We need to look at the taboo's, which none of us like to talk about as Traci Smith says in The Things We Don't Talk About at Church. When we work as employees, we position ourselves in insecure settings. As employees, our financial future is out of control. We leave it all up to our boss. The situation is the same, whether we clean the floor at the office building after hours, or we work at the front desk.

The control over our financial future lays in the hand of other people. I do believe this is the primary cause of the stress of the 52% in the survey from PwC above.

If we need more proof, we can find a person in our family or among our friends, who lost his job. Then, ask them how secure they felt with no job? In most cases, they will say the company should have kept them on the payroll. It's a choiceless situation. The person has 0% control over the situation. Today, many people have stocks in the same company where they work. Some people feel they get control with these shares, but it's an illusion.  They feel the company care about them and offers them a "special" favor because they grant them stocks at a favorable prize. But we need more than one, two or ten shares in a company to gain control. No employee is able to buy the amount of stocks, which will give the person control in the company. So, even with some stocks, the employee lacks control over his financial future. Larry Burkett's How Can You Have Financial Freedom? outlines 14 ways how we as Christians could take back control, so we are in charge of our financial matters.

How do we Gain Control?

We can live a happy life. We have already taken the first step if we as Christians allow ourselves to learn about how money works. We can stand up and say: We can be informed about money and business. When we meet other Christians, who say our focus should be on eternity, we stand up. We defend our rights to believe this person has misunderstood what God has said about this topic. We see money as a mean to improve the circumstances of life for as many people as possible. Daniel Darling sums it up pretty well in 7 Financial Facts All Christians Should Know.Let's understand it. As an employee, we'll always sell our time. It's the same if we earn $2.000 or $20.000 a month. To trade our time for money is against the rules for money today. We never achieve financial security this way. An employee get paid when works. Thousands of people face big problems when they get sick or lose their jobs. Their bills remain in the NetBank regardless of the job situation. Rich people and business owner have a safety net, but how about most employees? Do they have a safety valve?Most of my generation, born at a time where the money-taboo dominated, wind up in a vicious circle. The salary covers our expenses. To save is unrealistic for most people. The consequence is a month-to-month life. It's stressful. But nonetheless, it's reality for most employees. No wonder they get stressed out. At first sight, we might think employees in the high-paid jobs are free from money problems, but they face the same problems. They have learned little about money in their childhood either. The higher the salary, the higher the expenses. They buy bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger boats. The vicious circle of being ignorant about money has the same effect on all people. Christians should have a minimum knowledge about how to create passive income, so they can give their children a true choice in life on what to do for God. We should know how to create passive income so we can break free from financial worries. We will always be a part of the 52% in the survey from PwC, if we stay financial ignorantIn David Ramsey Explains the Biblical Principles of Wealth and Money we can get great ideas on how to handle our money. To sum up: • God wants us to be happy and confident.• Still, 2000 years later, we continue to worry at least 1-5 hours a day. • We also know, what people worry most about: their financial future.

The Solution is to Learn How Money Works

Financial education enables us to take control over our lives.In God's hands, we're great tools after restoring financial control, free from money-worries, free from future-worries and free from day-to-day problems. We can concentrate on a longer perspective. Christian people should live a life with satisfaction and a deep wish to share the blessings with those in need. Worries distort our view of God and the purpose of His gift, life. See Tools for Christian in BusinessSee: Faith: Why it Matters to Me? See: About Edna Davidsen

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6 Comments on “Bible Verses about Worry

  1. My husband and I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University as a way to take action against financial stress and reduce on area of worry from our life. It has been a burden lifted off of us not to have to deal with debt and not to have financial issues potentially straining our marriage. Financial worry is certain a large part of anxiety in our country but there are so many more topics that people also could have control over if they took action. As with the money parable, we are not to be passive if we have the ability to act. Unfortunately, many times people allow their anxiety to get too big and it becomes fear which can paralyze a person from forward progress and growth. This was a well laid out post with multiple resources and tips to encourage others to take action and help fight against anxiety in the ways we are able and then the added bible verses to take what is out of our control to God. Thank you for the post!

    1. Hi Melissa, Thank you for your comments. I’m familiar with some of David Ramsey’s books, and I’m very positive about how he’s helping people in this area. Good point; financial worries are just one of the topics; we can take control over many areas in life to improve our life quality. Hope to see you again soon on the blog 🙂

  2. It seems worry is something that we all struggle with at times in our lives. Your blog is an excellent reminder to trust God in the middle of our “worries,” knowing His plans will prevail. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Worry and fear go hand in hand. My pastor has said on many occasions, “Fear and faith cannot reside in our hearts at the same time.” I relate this to the law of physics. I try to keep this in mind if I feel myself begin go struggle with fear or worry. Thanks for your post!

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