Affiliate Programs for Christians (Updated Catalog 2018)

Built on Biblical Principles of Financial Prosperity

For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Written by Edna Davidsen ∴ Tuesday, April 4, 2017, updated February 6, 2018

Christianity Beliefs and Practices

Business and Christianity are compatible. Study the Bible, and we see they’ve always been connected.Here’s what Greg Laurie says about money in the Bible. • Half of Jesus’ parables deal with the money. • One in every seven New Testament’s verses deals with money. • The Bible offers 2,000 verses on money.

He concludes:

There is a fundamental connection between our spiritual lives and how we think about and handle money.

I trust the affiliate programs mentioned on
I trust the affiliate programs mentioned on's blog post number 23, Let's Go Learn How to Make Money, published on November 18, 2017, suggests a new positive path for Christians. It's time to throw away the money- and Christianity taboos. Grow up, and grow your money.

What does the Bible say about Money Management?

The Bible urges us to understand how money works. God wants us to handle money with responsibility based on Biblical money management principles. For those who are new to Christian affiliate marketing, this blog post explains it. I see Christian affiliate networks as a golden possibility to create a legitimate 9-5 job-alternative. It's an alternative built on Biblical principles for business ethics. You can read much more about my views on this topic in blog post number 23, Let's Go Learn How to Make Money, published on November 18, 2017.

Affiliate Marketing Appeals

Once we understand what affiliate marketing is, it’s difficult to find any downside with this income source.Affiliate marketers use newsletters, social media or a blog to promote other people’s products.It’s hard work six days a week the first six to twelve month without seeing any income.But once the system (email campaign, social media campaign, blog posts) runs, the system requires little maintenance.The affiliate marketer earns money while thinking about the role of the church in the community, or while finding new ideas for reaching out to the community.Church and community involvement requires financial responsibility.Persons who have positioned themselves for revenue sharing through affiliate marketing stop trading time for money.The scriptures for prosperity and wealth are in the Bible for a reason.God wants us to be happy. We are meant to live a life without worries about money.Affiliate marketing can help us if we take the right action.

Lower Financial Stress

In blog post number 7, Bible Verses about Worry, published on February 2, 2017, I wrote about the reasons why people suffer today.Financial problems were by far the biggest trigger.A way to deal with the financial worries and reduce financial problems is to take control over the income source.With affiliate marketing, we do it.It happens over time if we continue to work.I’m a Christian affiliate marketing student.BUT I already understand this powerful idea deserves ATTENTION by Christians.By writing about it, showing step-by-step how I set up my site for Christian home based business opportunities I de-mystify these faith-based home business opportunities.I promote the idea, so Christians see this is a legitimate alternative to a 9-5 job.The potential earnings are higher than with an ordinary day job.I spread the word, by working on providing top affiliate programs compatible with a modern Christian identity on It all begins with understanding the big picture. Combine this knowledge with the basics of Christianity and others will appreciate our work. I've divided the Affiliate Programs for Christians (Updated 2018 Catalog) list into sections relevant for Christian business blogs. As I include more Affiliate Programs on Edna's Blog |, I'll update the sections.

Affiliate Programs for Christians (Updated 2018 Catalog)

Section 1: What is Faith?

Section 2: Best Web Hosting

Section 3: Email Marketing Services

Do you want to know how to use ConvertKit to Marketing to Millennials in the Christian community? Get inspired by Christian Affiliate Marketer Edna Davidsen!

The Big Picture

Google defines affiliate marketing as:

a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

We get paid by retailers to promote products.Christians can find various products other Christians already appreciate and use.The different branches of Christianity and their beliefs all involve people who need the high-quality products we provide.I’ve already mentioned other possibilities than promoting through a website.Now, we’ll try to understand THE BIG PICTURE.As Christian Affiliate Marketers we look for product creators, merchants we trust.It can happen that we loose thrust in a program for some reason. It happened for me with the program I wrote about in blog post number 13, Christian Dating, published on June 6, 2017. It's important we announce to our readers, just as I've done in that blog post, that there's a potential problem. Some look for Christian production companies.Others look for Christian music publishing companies,or . . .Perhaps good Christian books for college students.We have plenty of choices.The sky is our limit.When we trust sellers, we promote their products better.We know we have a product that fits the Christian online community we serve.Some Christian merchants let us access their products through a network.The most famous Christian companies to work for at home are popular because they simplify online transactions between:• Us and sellers• Sellers and customersWhen we do affiliate marketing through an established network, we use a system already proven.If we know beforehand the Christian online community or Christian faith groups appreciate a product, we can expect to earn a commission if we do the marketing right.We use faith-based marketing to reach different types of Christians. We tell them about the excellent product and how it’ll help them.Some potential customers will turn into buyers.Some will thank us for the promoted product.The customers pay the same price for the product we promote as they would anywhere else.

Two Possibilities

1. Promoting other People’s Products

Most Christian Affiliate Marketers earn a commission from promoting other people’s products.We promote valuable products that help our Christian audience.To reach them, we use Christian marketing strategies. I've written more about my strategy in blog post number 22, God Wants You to Know Five Proven Ways to Sell More, published on  October 14, 2o17 and blog post number 21, Social Media Strategy in the Christian Community, published on September 22, 2017.

2. Create Products for People to Promote

It’s a possibility less straightforward than the first option. I focus on promoting other people’s products first.It’s my mission to present affiliate marketing programs for beginners.Those who follow Edna's Blog |,  or sign up for the exclusive Christian Affiliate Marketing newsletter (The ABC of Christian Affiliate Marketing) will see how I got into affiliate marketing step-by-step. You find the sign-up form further down in this blog post.

Build the Business Little-by-Little

Being a Christian Affiliate Marketer is different from having a 9-5 job.It takes a long time to set up the business.We can do it little-by-little.The website will still be there if we take a break.It’s our asset we build.We’re the bosses.We decide how fast we proceed within the Internet’s technical limits.

The Christian Business Blog

Most Christians in online business have a blog. The blog drives traffic to the products we promote.A favourite topic for Christians is home business opportunities for moms.But we can choose ANY topic as long as we help people solve a problem with the product we promote.We use our blog to promote the affiliate programs for Christians.We plan to be an authority for Christians online.It happens automatically if we’re passionate about our website.We establish ourselves as an authority by knowing how the affiliate programs we promote help.

The best way to build an authority online is by helping.

We’re on the right path if the Christian community experience we create useful content.

Gain Authority

Here are four ways we can gain authority:• Answer questions about our niche in Christian online communities. • Create tutorials and guides.• Produce lists with helpful resources. • Collect emails and broadcast useful content.

When we do this on a regular basis, the users on Christian social forums remember us.The path to being different, original and unique is straightforward and little travelled because:

Few people manage to do anything difficult with consistency

Just show up and try, again and again. We learn what we need to know about building the website.We run it.We do the marketing.After some years, we’ll be Christian online business and sales experts.

A blog post about affiliate marketing for Christians.
Affiliate Marketing Programs for Christians.

The Goal of an Affiliate Marketing Blog

Our goal is to produce high-quality content that persuades customers to buy a product or to purchase from a merchant.This way we earn a commission.

Hard Work

Running top Christian blogs 2018 is hard work.Some activities are:• Create a website.• Write content on a regular basis.• Manage the site, adjust and polish content.• Promote it.

The First Months

The first six to twelve months we’ll struggle to learn.The most popular Christian blogs took time to set up.They were built step-by-step by inexperienced people.

Every expert was once a newcomer.

Since this is a new world, we’ll learn a lot, but let us be realistic.We’ll face many problems. But as we experience we can solve them one by one, we build confidence.We believe we can do it.Many Christian mom bloggers do this every day.We need to work hard if our goal is being among the most viewed Christian blogs.It’s better to take our time and follow the best practice in the field than seeking shortcuts.As Christians affiliate marketers, it’s vital; we follow the rules set by Google and the search engines.Christians are expected to have high moral values.It’s an advantage.It’s a good label.Think about it.It’s natural for us to aim for the best.The Christian moral values teach us to do so.Paul says it best, Colossians 3:23-24:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

As Christians, we approach business the right way.We take the positive values of Christianity and offer real value to the Christian online community.It’s the best way to gain natural links to our website.It takes longer time when we play by the rules, but it pays off later!Jesus values in the Bible help us stay on the right path.

Keep Coming Back

When we’re new in this field, it’s easy to think:

“Too complicated, we give up!”


"We’re too silly; we can’t do this!”

Well, we fight this and say:


The most important Christian Affiliate Marketer tip is:

“Keep coming back and improve what we’re already doing.”

Learn Google’s rules for good online marketer behaviour, and get an advantage over those who seek quick fixes.Find more about these rules and good Christian Affiliate Marketing behaviour in blog post number 22; God Wants You to Know Five Proven Ways to Sell More, published on October 10, 2017. The Bible verses about making mistakes and learning from them encourage us to continue what we do.We continue until we learn to do it right:My favourite entrepreneur Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

After some months when our website gains traffic, the traffic will continue, because we add value.It’s hard work, with little money the first six to twelve months.But we stick to the process and:• Work on our website.• Grow it.• Write high-quality blog posts.• Improve and expand.

110% White Hat and Hard Work

The Christian affiliate marketer lifestyle is hard work from A to Z.But the challenges of Christianity in the modern world will be there even if we enter this new way of life or not.We experience times with no money.It may look like we’re living the life, knowing it all, but the reality is different.We work from morning to evening six days a week.Sunday we rest.It’s the day we recharge with our Church friends so we can keep faith in times of challenges.If someone tells us how to start a Christian blog for free and it’s a piece of cake, we avoid buying into it.It’s anything BUT a piece of cake running a Christian business blog.

The Perspective

By showing how I promote affiliate programs for Christians, I hope I encourage others to learn about this idea.Promoting other people’s products and get paid is something all can learn.By being a top provider of affiliate programs for Christians, is the place where Christians can find affiliate programs for beginners.The programs are compatible with the modern Christian identity.We learn step-by-step how to be good Christian ambassadors while working online building our business.It’s all about utilising the talents we have.We get educated about IT and see alternatives to trading time for money.We gain self-respect.We position ourselves to a less stressful life.I hope the Christian financial resources and the affiliate marketing websites examples present a new perspective on how to generate legitimate cash flow.Why do it with a 9-5 job? In blog post number 12, What's a Realistic Perspective in Christian Affiliate Marketing? Published on June 6, I gave a perspective on how long time and how much effort we need to put into this before we evaluate if Christian Affiliate Marketing works for us.

We can do it smarter, more meaningful and with higher growth potential with an online where WE ARE the bosses.

A Question of Faith 

Processing information is a vital part of being a Christian Affiliate Marketer. We're almost done, I just want to tell you that the blog post you've just read ranks among Google's TOP 10 results if you search for: Christian Affiliate MarketingIn the end, it's a question of Faith if you believe what I've said in this blog post. The Christian Affiliate Programs for Jesus Bloggers, I include on Edna's Blog | are great Christian Affiliate Programs for Christian bloggers as I see them. I'll do my best to present the best Christian Affiliate Marketing Programs 2018 during the upcoming year. I'll also include more content about how to do Christian Affiliate Niche Research as times goes by.

What's Next?

Building and maintaining a Christian business blog is a rewarding and challenging process. I hope I've given the reader a fundamental idea of which steps are involved in being a Christian Affiliate Marketer with this blog post (and the blog posts I link to in this post).If you appreciated Affiliate Programs for Christians (Updated Catalog 2018), I’d be grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you! Edna Davidsen.

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  1. I love when you say: to build authority in our business we need to help others. That is so true. I just started a business last October and I am still wading through the waters and taking a few risks but also wrestling with not becoming an overnight success. It is all difficult but if I just go back to the purpose of my product and the perspective to be helpful and supportive online, I know business will grow.

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