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I'm Edna, 39 years old, happily married. As a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a nurse, later I changed my mind. I went to Philippine College of Arts and Technology and worked in a bank before going abroad. I've been traveling since. I've stayed in Greenland with my husband since 2012.

A Few Personal Details

 I am a Philippine national, my husband is Faroese. We lіvе іn Greenland, whеrе I'm working on becoming a remarkable Christian blogger. Aftеr graduating from Philippine College of Arts and Technology, I started working in a bank in the Philippines. With 1 year in banking, I transferred to Taiwan, where I worked in Kaoshung for two years. Next, I traveled to Brunei, working in a SeaFood restaurant for 1 year. After Brunei, I stayed in Qatar for several years, working at a combined bakery & restaurant. I met my husband in Greenland, while I was working on a Seamen's Home, which is a Christian Hotel owned by the Danish Seamen's Mission. See: Tools for Christians in Business. See: Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

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