About Edna Davidsen

Edna Davidsen is a Christian Affiliate Marketer living in Greenland.


Welcome to OurChristianBook.com. I'm Edna Davidsen, a Christian Affiliate Marketer, and to be honest with you I want to become one of the top dogs regarding helping the newcomers in our industry. It's time for a change how Christians think about and handle their money. I've become so passionate about this task that I work on it like there's no tomorrow!I'm born in 1977 in the Philippines, the pearl of the Orient Seas. In 2011 my husband popped the question, and we got married in 2012. I also have a son full of beans. Philippine College of Arts and Technology was where I got my education. Afterwards I worked in a bank before going abroad an Overseas Worker. The best outcome of this travelling is that I met my husband (DavidsenConsulting.com, TW:@JonbertDavidsen) from the Faroe Islands.We've been living in Greenland, the land of ice and snow since we got married. What's special about my blog that I've called Edna's Blog | OurChristianBook.com is: 1) It's free from commercials, apart from a few pages where I promote products I use. 2) It's free from guest posts. 3) It seeks to present money-related topics from a positive Christian perspective in long-form content.  

A Few Personal Details and Thoughts on Christian Affiliate Marketing

I've worked in sales- and service jobs (bank, restaurant, bakery, hotel) most of my adult life. In Greenland, I worked on a Seamen's Home (Christian Hotel) owned by the Danish Seamen's Mission before I launched OurChristianBook.com.I feel a deep need to contribute to the Christian community.It's a blessing to be allowed to help Christians develop their own gift. Our job as Christian Affiliate Marketers is to open doors that'll lead newcomers in our industry to the best opportunities for success.It's not about you or me; it's about all of us as a group. A group of Christians working online. Those of us who learn quickly have a golden opportunity an obligation to help and support those who need more time to pick up new knowledge about how Christian Affiliate Marketing works. If we see one of our Christian colleagues being under the weather we do what we can do to support. We think about how the Christian community is affected by our interactions. We seek answers but realise that the thinking process, the corrections and learning experiences are what's important. We encourage newcomers to be less scared of failure and more focused on learning the techniques that'll lead to sound Christian businesses. The skills we learn help us to build and belief in a positive future. If we know how to become economically secured and comfortable, shouldn't we share that knowledge with the Christian community so we can brighten up their day?  See: Tools for Christians in Business. See: Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

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